Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am a hermit. Swine Flu is not helping!

As all two of my readers know, I'm a hermit. At the tender age of 28 I think I could hang at the old folks home and chat about the old times. Granted I'd totally need some wicked makeup and my hair hasn't grayed out all the way so I'd need a wig, maybe one of those sweet jumpers...anyway the point is I fully acknowledge that I don't get out of the house much. Since I now have a little dude who might appreciate some time with other little dudes I was thinking that it would be totally sweet to join up with the local SAHM group and get to know some people, then it happened. Swine flu. Turns out it's really bad for little ones and for pregosaurs and oh BTW we don't know when you can get vaccinated and good luck getting your child with an egg allergy vaccinated because they don't know if they're even getting any at the allergist! It's almost like God is telling me to keep on bird watchin' sister and don't even think about being a little bit social. Hopefully the allergist will get the vaccine (we almost missed the main flu one since our allergist is apparently half retarded, oh yes we'll be switching after all of this) and I'll get the vaccine and then I can finally find a playgroup for my son.

In news of the O, he has learned to try to wink and to blow kisses. Still no real definite words yet, but I'm sure they'll be on the way soon. He is walking all over the place and is very good at following directions (except for "no"). O was really good in ND and had a wonderful time with the grandparents and J had a wonderful time blasting birds out of the air. I had a kick butt birthday and was given a Strawberry Shortcake cake which I was told was a "princess cake". God help any daughters I have.