Thursday, August 27, 2009

Uh...Long Time No See?

To all my 4 readers, sorry for the really long delay. O man turned 1, I'm pregnant with number two, and I now eat a whole lotta taquitos. We've been camping, weathered a severe hail storm, watched as our son has begun to walk and talk, and have had the pleasure of spending the summer with friends near and far. The computer has moved to the living room in anticipation of baby H's arrival and his need for some space upstairs. Hopefully that means I can let you all in on a little more of what's been happening around here.

Today I am battling fruit flies in my kitchen. They have red eyes. RED EVIL EYES! So far this is what I've found. Fruit flies arrive in fruit or plants or onions and then take over your house. They die in standing water. They breed in standing water. They are stupid but fast. A mixture of sugar water, apple cider vinegar, and dish soap attracts and kills the suckers. They do not seem to like the red wine I set out, guess they don't drink either. I will kill them all off if it's the last damn thing I do before I give birth.

In other news I am working to become a better housewife. Dude, this gig is rough. Used to be the house was a place of rest and now I'm thinking that I really need to step it up. I may chronicle the journey just so that other wanna be house peeps can see that someone else is having a rough time as well. Kids, they'll knock you on your booty for awhile.

Peace out.

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Jaimin said...

Amen to that! You've seen my house. You know. ;) Glad to see you back! :)