Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doctor Who is the Reason I'm a Dork

So Florence + the Machine has a song called the Drumming Song that goes like this:

"There's a drumming noise inside my head whenever you're around. It's funny you can't hear it, it makes such an almighty sound."

For the past several weeks I've thought it was a song about the Master from Doctor Who and the drums (here come the drums here come the drums!) he hears in his head. J helpfully pointed out that it was probably referring to her own pulse in her head, not an episode or 5 of Doctor Who. Whoops, guess I just really love that show.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

H peed on MY bed last night...

So I had the baby boy (yay!) and he's wonderful though time consuming. Last night he peed on my bed as I was changing him. Stupid me for changing him on my bed, at least the quilt gets washed now (ha! silver lining bitches!).

Child number two is wonderful and so is child number 1, but I am done having babies. You can quote me on it. For me, two feels right. I have enough energy to give them both attention and still feel sane. I think three would mean that I was kinda crappy to each one so I'm stopping here. I came to this conclusion about a week after H was born, but now I'm very sure that it's the right one for me. I am the mom of two wonderful boys.

So on the housewife front I am so kicking butt. While it's been a little more difficult as of late I am happy to say that I finally got my stuffing together. Having the house clean and cooking again is awesome, I just wish it hadn't of taken me so long to pull it together. I'll be posting some egg free recipes soon and some information on egg substitution that I've found through research, trial, and error. I'll also be trying to share more of the day to day and pictures. For now I'm off to take a nap.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I am a hermit. Swine Flu is not helping!

As all two of my readers know, I'm a hermit. At the tender age of 28 I think I could hang at the old folks home and chat about the old times. Granted I'd totally need some wicked makeup and my hair hasn't grayed out all the way so I'd need a wig, maybe one of those sweet jumpers...anyway the point is I fully acknowledge that I don't get out of the house much. Since I now have a little dude who might appreciate some time with other little dudes I was thinking that it would be totally sweet to join up with the local SAHM group and get to know some people, then it happened. Swine flu. Turns out it's really bad for little ones and for pregosaurs and oh BTW we don't know when you can get vaccinated and good luck getting your child with an egg allergy vaccinated because they don't know if they're even getting any at the allergist! It's almost like God is telling me to keep on bird watchin' sister and don't even think about being a little bit social. Hopefully the allergist will get the vaccine (we almost missed the main flu one since our allergist is apparently half retarded, oh yes we'll be switching after all of this) and I'll get the vaccine and then I can finally find a playgroup for my son.

In news of the O, he has learned to try to wink and to blow kisses. Still no real definite words yet, but I'm sure they'll be on the way soon. He is walking all over the place and is very good at following directions (except for "no"). O was really good in ND and had a wonderful time with the grandparents and J had a wonderful time blasting birds out of the air. I had a kick butt birthday and was given a Strawberry Shortcake cake which I was told was a "princess cake". God help any daughters I have.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Uh...Long Time No See?

To all my 4 readers, sorry for the really long delay. O man turned 1, I'm pregnant with number two, and I now eat a whole lotta taquitos. We've been camping, weathered a severe hail storm, watched as our son has begun to walk and talk, and have had the pleasure of spending the summer with friends near and far. The computer has moved to the living room in anticipation of baby H's arrival and his need for some space upstairs. Hopefully that means I can let you all in on a little more of what's been happening around here.

Today I am battling fruit flies in my kitchen. They have red eyes. RED EVIL EYES! So far this is what I've found. Fruit flies arrive in fruit or plants or onions and then take over your house. They die in standing water. They breed in standing water. They are stupid but fast. A mixture of sugar water, apple cider vinegar, and dish soap attracts and kills the suckers. They do not seem to like the red wine I set out, guess they don't drink either. I will kill them all off if it's the last damn thing I do before I give birth.

In other news I am working to become a better housewife. Dude, this gig is rough. Used to be the house was a place of rest and now I'm thinking that I really need to step it up. I may chronicle the journey just so that other wanna be house peeps can see that someone else is having a rough time as well. Kids, they'll knock you on your booty for awhile.

Peace out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here’s How You Know You’re An Adult…

So what else can we do to our house? We already painted it, put a new roof on, replaced not only the furnace but also the water heater, remodeled the main floor, oh and completely re-landscaped the back yard. So here we are thinking that these costly (Hey let’s upgrade everything that breaks!) repairs are at the tail end. Laugh with me peeps, it’s about to get ugly.

Friday – Have electrician come out to check out why the power stopped working on one wall and why the radon mitigation fan (don’t know why we have it, no one else in the area does) doesn’t work, plus check out putting in some outlets and lights in the garage for J’s workbench. Electrician notices that the box that is on the house is grossly undersized and that he usually sees them on one bedroom apartments.

Not a One Bedroom Apartment

So I’m all “Let’s upgrade” and J’s all “That’s a lot of money” and then the electrician finds the problem. The outlet behind the couch shorted out, burned, managed not to catch the house on fire, and NEVER tripped the breaker. J told the nice electrician “See that face? I just lost my choice in this matter.”

Saturday – Wake up. O is coughing like crazy and it is apparent after a night of having to get up with him that he’s sick enough to go to the doc. Go to said doc. Get steroids. Joke that said steroids are causing our child to be huge and have “The ‘Roid Rage”. Explain to doc that we are joking and know that this type doesn’t cause it. Spend next day trying to help poor O sleep, eat, keep the snot off of everything and generally comfort him. He doesn’t want Daddy. He wants Mommy. Now. J cooks dinner (Would you like a fried egg, sloppy joes, waffles, or pancakes?). O attempts to sleep after the steroid and meds, it’s a little better. J sleeps in O’s room while I sleep in our room. He gives up at 3 AM and we switch. I try sleeping on the floor in the sleeping bag J had set out, then realize after 45 uncomfortable minutes two things: We have an awesome leather recliner in that room and I’m sleeping in it and I am not as young as I used to be. I make it through the rest of the night in the recliner.

Sunday – Begin day two of total hell trying to get O rested and feeling a little better. Alternate between PMS and exhaustion from bouncing a 20lb 7 month old who doesn’t want to be held by anyone other than me. Make it to early evening and send J out for food for today and tomorrow. While J is at the store feed O and try to give him the next steroid (It’s as needed). Now these pills are bitter so I’m trying to hide them in his food. I made the food too watery and they dissolved in his mouth. He proceeds to vomit all over. I honestly had no idea that one child could have that much in his tummy. I then did the only thing I could. I cleaned him up and snuggled him as much as he would let me and then gave him a bottle. He ate and seemed to feel better (WIN!) so I put him to bed with the humidifier running. J came home with the goods and we ate, then decided to take a shower. J got in. I got in. J stepped back to the far side of the tub and CRACK!. He looked at me and I asked what had hit him. He just told me to turn the water off because his foot had gone through the tub. We begin the remodel of the master bath and master bedroom soon.

Being an adult and all that jazz just isn’t what I imagined when I was 15 shopping through the JC Penney catalog picking out stuff for my house when I was older. I think then I thought everything would be about $10K. Ha ha.

On the flip side I did get quite a laugh out of telling my fit husband “Oh nice one tubby.” Which I thought was very clever considering he broke the tub. Also we’ve been meaning to get to that room and hadn’t yet so it’s a good excuse to dive in. I’ll post pictures as we go.

In News of Supreme Cuteness known as O he is now crawling everywhere and babbling consonant strings. We’ve heard a Dada and a Mama and even a Hi Dada! I know he doesn’t know what he’s saying yet but it’s cute. The other day I was wrestling him trying to change him and all of a sudden he shouted “H I J K!” to which I responded “L M N O”. He looked at me really weird but it gave me enough time to get that diaper back on. He’s feeling better and looking better today and is back to his bubbly self. That kid is pure sunshine.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The first post is the hardest post right? So this first post will be about nothing in particular, just a hello to the world and a promise to add more soon.